With over 10 years of vinyl car wrapping and automotive experience, we ensure that our customers will feel secure knowing that their cars will receive the best and appropriate attention it requires, in the hands of a fellow car enthusiast.  Here at WannabeRacer, our priority is not about the quantity of cars that we can finish in a day, but instead it is about the quality of the results of each and every individual car that we work on.  Our quality of work speaks for itself in the number of positive customer experiences that we have had and it continues to bring in both new and returning customers.  

Located in Orange County, California, we are able to offer services to customers in the surrounding cities and counties of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Inland Empire.   

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We are proud to say that we are able to provide in house installations at our shop and also offer more flexible mobile installation services for customers who have busy schedules.  Each car and every individual is unique, so we would like to personalize your experience with us by going over the details and various possible ideas for your specific car.  

-Don Nguyen