Audi A7 Sedan - Matte Black Window Trim Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Matte black window trim vinyl wrap


I always enjoy getting new cars that have just come out coming by to get vinyl work done. It's like the dealership's showroom is coming to me, instead of me going to it, haha. I had this gray/silver new Audi A7 come by to have me vinyl wrap the chrome/brushed aluminum window trim with a matte black finish, which gave it a very nice touch. Matte black was definitely a good choice over gloss black for this car and color combo imo. I wish I had taken some before pictures of this car, to show the before/after, since the chrome dominated such a large area on this car. However, I think I forgot my camera that day or it ran out of batteries. Luckily the owner of this car lived down the street from me in Irvine, so I dropped by to take these pictures and did some vinyl stuff for him at the same time.