Tesla Model X SUV - Gloss Black Complete Chrome Delete Package Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black window trim and mirror base vinyl wrap

  • Gloss black door handle vinyl wrap

  • Smoke / tinted front fog lights

  • Smoke / tinted head and tail lights

  • Matte black rear bumper reflectors vinyl wrap

  • Black out rear trunk bar

  • Remove rear badges

  • Black out fender turn signals

  • Black out lower front bumper chrome slats

  • Black out front grill


On this black Tesla Model X SUV, we blacked out every single piece of chrome trim on the vehicle, completely changing the look of this Model X.  In addition to blacking out all of the chrome pieces, we also lightly tinted the head, tail, and fog lights, really tying and completing the look of the car.  The results was a Model X that looked both aggressive and yet still maintained a very clean overall style to the car.