BMW 335i E93 Convertible - Tinted / Smoked Tail Lights Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Tinted / smoked rear tail lights vinyl car wrap

I had this newer 2011 alpine white BMW E93 335 convertible come by for me to tint / smoke their tail lights and black out the chrome window trim (I'll post pictures of that process later). The owner of this car was from Irvine / Orange County and drove out to me in Anaheim Hills to get the vinyl work done. The tint / smoke film is very light and just slightly darkens the tail lights enough to give it a very factory look. It's light enough where you most likely won't get any hassle from cops about them. It's also light enough where if you put it on the headlights, fog lights, etc, it won't reduce the light output by that much compared to darker films.