BMW E30 M3 Coupe - Matte Black Window Trim Vinyl Wrap


  • Matte black window trim vinyl car wrap

This specific car is not the typical case of a car coming in with chrome/brushed aluminum trim and wanting me to black out their trim with my vinyl materials. The owner of this BMW E30 M3 brought his car in to have me vinyl wrap the previously painted gloss black trim with my matte black vinyl. I know it may be a bit hard to tell, but if you look at the pictures side by side or back to back it may be easier to notice the differences between how matte black trim vs gloss black trim looks like on a car.  

This is also good for those who have asked me in the past how well vinyl will cover up bumps/dents/etc. As you may see in some of the pictures, whoever did the paint job on the trim did not do that good of a job, which left the trim a bit lumpy/uneven. If you can't see or make it out in the pictures, any imperfections that are underneath the vinyl will show through, as the material is fairly thin and basically takes on the shape of the surface/pieces that they are being applied on over.