BMW E92 328i Coupe - Gloss Black Roof and Window Trim Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black roof vinyl wrap

  • Gloss black window trim vinyl wrap


This is another old customer of mine that is had me do some vinyl work on his new car. I typically do not make house calls, but being that he was an old customer and also lived down the street from me in Irvine/Orange County, I made an exception. For his white E92 328i coupe, he had me vinyl wrap the roof of his car in my gloss black vinyl material and also black out the chrome/brushed aluminum window trimmings in gloss black as well to give it the shadow line look that's offered from the factory for BMW. The car was brand new and stock, but these two changes and modifications to the car really changed the look of the car without making it look out of place or too modified.