BMW Roof Trim Repair Alternative - Gloss Black Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black roof rail vinyl car wrap

This is not exactly what I normally post, but for some reason I had two cars come in on the same day to have me do the same thing on both cars. Both cars had roof rails that were starting to corrode / fake / peel, and they wanted me to wrap them in vinyl to cover up the imperfections and give the pieces a consistent finish again. Ideally, the pieces should be smooth for the best results, but worse comes to worse, even if they aren't smooth, at least they are one color/finish again after being wrapped. 

First car had silver / chrome roof rails and they wanted me to wrap it in gloss black. Second car had factory matte black roof rails, and they wanted me to just rewrap them in my matte black vinyl finish. The pictures aren't the best, since I was fairly busy that day and I wasn't even sure if I was going to be using these pictures later on as well.