Lexus GS350 F Sport Sedan - Gloss Black Window Trim, Front Grill, and Rear Trunk Bar Vinyl Vehicle Wrap


  • Gloss black front grill

  • Gloss black window trim

  • Gloss rear trunk handle piece

The owner of this grey Lexus GS350 F Sport sedan had me black out the remaining chrome pieces that were on his car.  We went with the gloss black finish for everything, to give it a factory finish and look.  The owner of the car drove out to me in Anaheim Hills / Orange County to have the vehicle vinyl wrap work done.  The gloss black on the chrome pieces really gives the car a sportier look, but without making the car look too overly modified or look as if the pieces were aftermarket.  Blacking out the chrome is a good look for those who want something subtle that’ll set their cars off from a regular GS.