Lexus SC400 Coupe - Gloss Black Window Trim Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black window trim vinyl car wrap

The owner of this car is a member of this forum, as some of you may recognize the car.  I know most people say vinyl wrap only really makes a big difference on white or black colored cars (as far as blacking out chrome trim goes).  However, that is still the case for even cars of different colors as well.  The owner of this red Lexus SC400 brought his car by to have me wrap the chrome window trim on his car with my gloss black vinyl material.  If you look at the before/after pictures, it's almost a night and day difference.  Subtle enough to most people, but still quite a chance in the way the car looks.  The owner of the car brought his car out to me in Anaheim Hills/Orange County to do the vinyl work.