Mercedes Benz C400 - Gloss Black Window Trim, Front Lip, & Door Handles Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Plasti dip front grill

  • Lower front bumper lip gloss black vinyl wrap

  • Gloss black window trim vinyl car wrap

  • Gloss black door handle vinyl car wrap


This Mercedes Benz C300 sedan was one of the cars that I worked on my trips up in norcal / bay area.  The owner of this car wanted to black out the remaining chrome pieces that were on the car, which included the front grill, lower front bumper lip, door handles and window trim.  Overall, the black finishes complimented the color of the car really well in my opinion.  The blacked out accents on the car cleaned up and tied in the overall look of the car, but at the same time still provided a nice contrast at the same time.