Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Sedan - Gloss Black Roof and Window Trim Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black vinyl roof wrap

  • Gloss black window trim wrap

  • Gloss black trunk bar

I always enjoy how a simple thing such as a gloss black roof wrap and blacking out the chrome on a car can completely change the look of the car, but still retain an OEM / factory look and not look aftermarket or overly modified.  For this white Mercedes Benz C63 sedan, we went with a gloss black roof to give it the panoramic roof look and also gloss black on the chrome window trim pieces to match, similar to what Mercedes also offers from the factory on some newer models as well now.  the owner of this car was from San Diego and came up to me in Anaheim Hills / Orange County to have the vinyl wrap work done.