Mercedes Benz CLA250 - 3M 1080 Gloss Carbon Fiber Front Lip Vinyl Wrap


  • 3M 1080 gloss carbon fiber front bumper lower lip vinyl wrap

This picture set is a lot shorter than what I normally post, but I get a lot of requests for pictures of carbon fiber wrapped front lips. The owner of this white Mercedes CLA sedan came by to have me wrap the back 1/3rd of his roof in gloss black, to complete the panoramic look of his car. In addition to the roof, he also had me wrap the front lip of his car int he 3M 1080 gloss carbon fiber vinyl material. Due to the size of his front lip, I had to do it in three different pieces/sections. I decided to make two seam lines that lined up/matched two edges of the bumper's lower grill. Unfortunately, due to how late it was when the owner of this car came, it became dark very quick and it was hard to photograph pictures of the car once it was done with the lighting that was available inside. The owner of this car drove to me in Orange county/Anaheim Hills from Los Angeles to have the work done.