Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Sedan - Gloss Window Trim and Tinted Head Lights Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Tinted / smoked head lights vinyl wrap

  • Gloss black window trim vinyl wrap

I think many would not think about it, but even this black Mercedes Benz S63 AMG looks good with the chrome blacked out. Even with the brighter colored/finished wheels, the blacked out chrome/brushed aluminum trim still goes with the look of the car very well and actually makes the car look very sleek imo. In addition to the window trim, I also blacked out the lower door chrome pieces that run the length of the car. I also tinted the headlights and turn signal reflectors with my light tint/smoke film. For this car, we went with my gloss black vinyl finish to match the already gloss black vertical pillars and overall the gloss black just suited this car better than matte black would have. The owner of this car brought his car up to me in Anaheim Hills/Orange County from San Diego to get the vinyl work done.