Nissan 350z Coupe - Gloss Black Roof Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black roof vinyl car wrap


This is for the guys who have asked what would look good on their car if they have a carbon fiber hood. Hopefully these pictures can help those of you out a bit. Here's a blue Nissan 350z's roof that I vinyl wrapped with my gloss black material. I wish I had more/better pictures, but it was a bit dark and some of the pictures didn't turn out too good. The owner of this car was somewhere around the Los Angeles or Pasadena area and come down to me in Orange County to have his roof wrapped. You can see the gloss black roof accents the black hood fairly nicely, since they're both glossy finishes/surfaces. This is another good example of how a black roof looks like on a darker colored car such as this blue.