Tesla Model 3 Sedan - Gloss Black Complete Chrome Delete Package Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black window trim and mirror base vinyl car wrap

  • Gloss black door handle vinyl car wrap

  • Matte black fender side blinkers

  • Matte black front and rear badges

For this gray Tesla Model 3, we went with gloss black for the chrome around the window trim pieces to match with the already factory gloss black vertical B pillar pieces that were on the car. Additionally, the owner of the car was going to be tinting the windows at a later time, so the gloss black finish compliment nicely along once the windows are tinted as well. The owner of this car was in Newport Beach Orange County and I came out to them to do the vinyl wrap work. I tried to take some close up pictures of around the mirror section pieces, since this is the area that is the trickiest to get done. When done properly, everything is covered and no chrome shows, even with the mirrors in their folded position, as can be seen in my pictures.