Tesla Model X SUV - Gloss Black Complete Chrome Delete Package Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black window trim and mirror base vinyl wrap

  • Gloss black door handle vinyl wrap

  • Smoke / tinted front fog lights

  • Smoke / tinted head and tail lights

  • Matte black rear bumper reflectors vinyl wrap

  • Black out rear trunk bar

  • Black out rear badges

  • Black out fender turn signals

  • Black out lower front bumper chrome slats

  • Black out front grill

We did a full complete chrome delete package on this white Tesla Model X SUV. To match the other already gloss black pieces around the windows, we went with gloss black for the chrome trim around the windows and door handles to match. In addition to blacking out the chrome accent pieces on the Model X, we also lightly tinted the tail, head, and fog lights. This helped tone down some of the chrome that are in the lights which we weren’t able to black out directly. The tint is fairly light, so as to still maintain a good amount of light output. Blacking everything out really makes the Model X look cleaner and more aggressive at the same time. The owner of this car was from Pasadena Los Angeles and brought their car out to us in Orange County to have the vinyl wrap work done.