Ferrari FF Coupe - Gloss Black Roof Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black roof vinyl car wrap

The owner of this white Ferrari FF coupe has had several of his previous cars worked on by me in the past for different vinyl wrap projects.  For his Ferrari FF, we went with the 3M 1080 gloss black vinyl material for the roof of his car to give it a panoramic roof look and also give it a more aggressive look.  Even though the car already stands out from other cars, the gloss black roof really changed the look of the car even more in a positive way.  The owner of this car was local to me in Yorba Linda and came out to my shop in Orange County to have the vinyl work done.  Also, the purple hue in the pictures was because this car was finished just as the sun was going down and the lighting of the sky was a bit purpleish that day, which translated over into the pictures.