Land Rover Range Rover HSE - Gloss Black Trim Vinyl Car Wrap & Plasti Dip Badges and Grill

Note: All photo sets includes before and after pictures


    - Plasti dip grill

    - Plasti dip front / rear badges

    - Smoked tinted head / tail lights

    - Blacked out lower front bumper / side panels / rear bumper silver trim line vinyl wrap

    - Debadged rear trunk HSE emblem


For this black Land Rover Range Rover HSE, I think if most people saw only how the car looked like after I did all of the vinyl wrap and plasti dip work, most would probably have thought that the car came that way from the factory.  However, the before/after pictures show everything.  The black wrap, plasti dip, and light tinting done completely changed the look of the car to give it a sporty look and feel, while maintaining a very factory look.  Some people describe this as an OEM+ type of look.  The owner of the car was located in Beverly Hills Los Angeles and brought the car out to me in Anaheim Hills Orange County to have the vinyl wrap and plasti dip work done.

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