Honda Accord - Gloss Black Roof Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black roof vinyl car wrap

Here is a silver Honda Accord sedan that I vinyl wrapped the roof in my gloss black material. You may notice, I actually have already posted pictures of this car before. I originally vinyl wrapped the roof of this car about 8-12 months ago. However, the owner of this car asked me if I could also tint/smoke his tail lights. So I decided to take this time to also take pictures of his roof again, to show progress reports of how well my material holds up, after being on the car for almost a year already. You'll see in the pictures, the roof is practically perfectly smooth like paint. Everything settled in quite nicely, and the results are awesome. It even really impressed me, haha. Interestingly enough, I tinted his tail lights for him at the end if one of their eibach meets/shows, since I was already in the area.