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Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan - Tinted / Smoked Tail Lights Vinyl Car Wrap

Note: All photo sets includes before and after pictures

This is not regular normal window tint. This material is designed to be used on the exteriors of cars. I tinted / smoked the tail lights on this darker gray gunmetal colored new E350 sedan. We decided to go with covering the entire tail light to give it a consistent finish over the whole tail light versus just tinting the clear or red section on this car. The owner of this car was from around Newport Beach area and came out to me in Anaheim Hills to get the work done. It's not often that I get non white cars, so this will help out those who have similar colored cars and were thinking about getting their tails smoked or tinted and how it'd look. I also took some pictures inside and outside, to show the differences of how the shade looks in different lighting conditions.