Mercedes SL55 AMG - Gloss Black Roof and Gloss Silver 3M 1080 G251 Interior Trim Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Gloss black roof vinyl wrap

  • Gloss silver 3M 1080 G251 interior trim vinyl wrap

For this silver Mercedes SL55 AMG, we vinyl wrapped the roof in gloss black and then also vinyl wrapped over the original wood trim on the interior of the car with 3M 1080 G251 gloss silver vinyl wrap. Doing these two things really updated the look of the car. The gloss black roof gave the car a slightly more aggressive look, while the silver on the interior trim of the car gave it a more modern and sporty feel. The silver finish on the interior really complimented the exterior color of the car fairly well. The owner of this car was in Newport Beach Orange County and I came out to them to do the wrap work.