Land Rover LR4 HSE - Gloss Black Top Half Vinyl Car Wrap

Note: All photo sets includes before and after pictures


This is a bit different, but I know you guys seeing more pictures of various and different type of wrap jobs than the regular roof, trim, etc wraps.  I did a partial car wrap for the top half of this 2013 white Land Rover LR4 HSE.  For this car wrap, we did the top half of the car in 3M 1080 gloss black vinyl material.  I believe the owner of this car said that it’s suppose to resemble how the new Range Rover Autobiography editions come from the factory. I took two pictures of the during vinyl wrapping process, to show you guys how what it looks like during the transformation.  The owner of this car was in Irvine and came out to me in Anaheim hills/Orange county to have the car wrap done for his car.  

Don NguyenComment