Mercedes S63 Coupe - Gloss Black Roof, Tinted / Smoked Head and Tail Lights, Gloss Black Front Bumper Trim

Note: All photo sets includes before and after pictures

For this white Mercedes Benz S63 Coupe, we decided to go with gloss black on the front lower bumper chrome trim and also the roof to essentially give the it a complete black out look on the front and also to give the roof a more finished look by wrapping the small section in the back in gloss black.  In addition to those two items, we also lightly tinted and smoked out the head lights and tail lights on the car.  You may notice that in different lighting, the tinted lights may appear lighter or darker.  The owner of this car came out to me in Anaheim Hills / Orange County from Irvine to get the vinyl work done.

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