VW Jetta Mk4 Sedan - Gloss Black Roof Vinyl Wrap **Damaged Roof Repair**


  • Gloss black roof wrap over sun damaged/faded paint

The owner of this VW Passat sedan wanted a simple solution that would help hide the unattractive fading/oxidation on the roof and also to help prevent it from getting worse. We wrapped the roof of the car in a gloss black vinyl wrap finish. This allowed the roof to be one consistent color over the entire surface of the roof versus the patchy finish that was there before. In addition to that, it is also going to help seal the damaged paint underneath to help prevent it from further coming apart and getting worse. Since the condition of this roof was fairly bad, it is still going to be possible to see some of the outlines of the imperfections through the material. However, the results and looks after the wrap is a drastic improvement over how it originally looked before the wrap.