BMW M6 Coupe E63 - Tinted / Smoked Tail Lights Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Tinted / smoked rear tail lights vinyl wrap

The owner of this car is actually coming back to have me tint his head lights lightly as well, but I figured I’d post pictures of what I already have of the car and post the other pictures later.  

The film that I use for tinting or smoking the head / tail lights is a fairly light shade.  It’s suppose to give a fairly OEM look and almost appear as if it was like that from the factory.  I tinted his tail lights, lower rear bumper lights and also the small turn signal lights on his front fenders.  It must have been bad timing with the sunlight, but it was fairly bright out that day and there was quite a bit of glare coming off of the tail lights.  

Hopefully you guys are still able to get somewhat of an idea of how the slightly darker tinted lights look.  The fender light pieces are not as noticeable in the pictures, cause they got washed out from the bright light.  However, in person they are a lot more noticeable.