Mercedes Benz C250 Sedan - Tinted / Smoked Tail Lights Vinyl Car Wrap


  • Tinted / smoked rear tail lights vinyl wrap

This time around, I went with a lighter shade than the usual shade that I have used in the past for when I tinted/smoked head lights/tail lights. I chose this shade to closer match a tint/shade that you would expect to see as a dealer or factory option. I basically would describe this as an OEM+ look. For those who are familiar, it's similar to the blackline tail lights that BMW offers or the Porsche tail lights that come from the factory with the clear portion tinted/smoked already. Hopefully you guys will be able to get a good idea of how this shade looks like on these tail lights from the pictures that I took. Let me know if you guys want any specific angles or more pictures and I'll see what I can do.