Nissan 350z Coupe - 3M 1080 Gloss Carbon Fiber Top Half Vinyl Car Wrap


  • 3M 1080 gloss carbon fiber top half vehicle vinyl wrap

I know this isn't for most people, but the owner of this silver Nissan 350z approached me with the idea of wrapping basically the top half of his car in the 1080 3M gloss carbon fiber vinyl material. It's definitely going to be different from just getting the roof top wrapped and that's what the owner of this car wanted. I tried to take multiple pictures of the car from various angles to show how the weave and pattern looks like in different lighting/angles. I've seen this done with cars in different colors (such as black, etc), but not with carbon before. I also tinted his head lights and tail lights, but these pictures are a bit old, and it was of a darker shade that I no longer use. The owner of this car was around Orange County as well and came to me in Anaheim Hills to get the work done.