Subaru WRX STi Sedan - 3M Di Noc Matte Carbon Fiber Re-install Vinyl Roof Car Wrap


  • Old 3M roof vinyl wrap removal

  • Reinstall new 3M Di Noc matte carbon fiber roof vinyl wrap

This was one of the first cars that I did when 3M came out with the di-noc matte carbon fiber finish, which was about 4 years ago. The owner of this silver Subaru WRX STI came by to have me re-wrap his roof with the same 3M dinoc matte carbon fiber vinyl material. I took some close ups of the before to show you guys how the material looks like and holds up over time. The carbon fiber weave and all of the details are there, but it had started to lose some of its luster, which was why the owner of this car came back to have me redo the roof for him.  

In the pictures with the vinyl removed, that was how the paint looked like right after removal and no or very minimal clean up was done at that point. I took pictures of the paint/roof right after the vinyl was removed to show you guys what the condition of the paint looks like that has had vinyl installed on a roof for roughly 4 years, which is probably going to be longer than most own people own their cars.  

The lighting wasn't very good, since it was overcast that day, so I did my best to try and take some pictures to show you guys how the old material looks like compared to the new material. Hopefully you guys are able to see the details and differences in the up close pictures.